How to Access
How to Access
Welcome to Central Japan, Kii Peninsula

MATSUSAKA is a city located in Mie prefecture which lies at the center of Japan. There is the best location from which to base your tourism of Kansai Regions or Kii Peninsula.
* From Nagoya to Matsusaka by train / 63 - 66 min.
* From Osaka to Matsusaka by train / 105 min.
* From Kyoto to Matsusaka by train / 115 min.
* From Nara to Matsusaka by train / 95 min.
* From Tokyo to Matsusaka by Night Bus / 510 min.
* From Centrair to Matsusaka by high-speed boat / 50 min.

From airport-island CENTRAIR to Matsusaka station

Matsusaka city is connected to Chubu International Airport "CENTRAIR" by High-Speed Boat "Tsu airport line".
To use of High-Speed Boat is earlier than land route ( hightway & railway ) and is convenient.There are 2 marine-access routes.

CENTRAIR Chubu International Airport

1. Tsu Route " Tsu Airport Line "
Tsu Route shuttles between CENTRAIR and Tsu new port "Nagisamachi". Required Time is about 40 min. Per 1 day Number of boats 15. Per 1 person Fare 2,400 yen. But to arrive at Matsusaka station, it is necessary to transfer, twice.

2. Matsusaka Route " Tsu Airport Line "
Matsusaka Rute shuttles between CENTRAIR and Matsusaka port "Ohkuchiko". Required Time is about 50 min. Per 1 day Number of boats 5 only. Per 1 person Fare 2,700 yen. But transfer is once.

High-Speed Boat "Tsu Airport Line" ( Japanese site only )

By JR & Kintetsu Railway



From KYOTO ( direct )

From KYOTO ( 1 transfer )

From NARA ( 2 transfer )

Kintetsu Corporation

JR-Central, Japan Railway Company

JR-East, Japan Railway Company

JR-West, Japan Railway Company

By Highway Bus