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The old-fashioned style

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YACHIYO is an old‐fashioned Japanese-style restaurant of the type that is almost disappearing from Japan today. Once upon a time in Japan, a classy eating-house "Kappou-Restaurant" had usually accommodations or its facilities. Be well known, "Kappou" is a Restaurant where Kaiseki cuisine is served. It is sometimes called "Ryotei". Dinner or Party in such a Restaurant was often held till late at night. Guests drank very good Sake while ate special cuisine with great Gusto. And they enjoyed the show by clown ( Houkan, Taikomochi, male geisha ) or entertainment by Geisha girls. Therefore, "Futon-bedding" for guests was necessary!
Time passes quickly. Now, a high-grade Restaurant in Japan has accommodations for guests hardly. After WWU, the relation law was Changed. Because one License to run "Kappou-Restaurant" and "Ryokan-Hotel" became not the Same. Many a Restaurant made alterations of own business. The Restaurant which was specialized at "eating-house" got not to have accommodations for guests.
By the way YACHIYO? We decided to acquire 2 licenses. That is to say, we are running both of "Kappou-Restaurant" and "Ryokan-Hotel" in one building. Foundation 1921.

The mystery of history

It is 89 years ( 1921 - 2010 ) since YACHIYO was founded. The founder Kikujiro had started a eating-house YACHIYO in Matsusaka Park. The Park is indeed Ruins Matsusaka Castel.
八千代料理店 Eating-house YACHIYO
松阪公園 Matsusaka Park
四五百ノ森 Yoiho Forest
松阪神社 Matsusaka Shrine
本居神社 Motori Shrine
鈴屋遺跡保存会 Association of Suzunoya ruins preservation
南龍神社 Nanryu Shrine
記念図書館 The commemorative library
動物園 Zoo park
名所藤棚 Main sight "Fuji-dana"( wisteria trellis )

This old map is the Matsusaka street map which was made in Taisho year 9th ( 1920 ).
When YACHIYO foundation was 1921, we were hearing at second hand from Kikujiro's wife. But... ? ? ?  1921? 1920? Before?
Because our family record had disappeared with WWU, we don't have the means of verifying.

In the Taisho period, there was Yachiyo next to "Fuji-dana"( wisteria trellis ). In 1929 ( Showa year 4th ), Yachiyo moved to Tonomachi, the current address.
These photograph were taken in 1960 ( Showa year 35th ). At the time, this building was used as the municipal management wedding hall "Suzunoya-kaikan".