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Welcome to Japan!
Welcome to YACHIYO web site!!
YACHIYO is an old‐fashioned Japanese-style restaurant of the type that is almost disappearing from Japan today. Once upon a time in Japan, a classy eating-house "Kappou-Restaurant" had usually accommodations or its facilities. Be well known, "Kappou" is a Restaurant where...

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Japanese Kaiseki Cuisine

MATSUSAKA is well known as a city blessed with the Gift of its mountains, Rivers and Sea. Vegetables, fishes, seafoods, beef, meat and Gibier ( ex. faisan, canard, sanglier...). Delicious foods are rich and infinity. YACHIYO's Kaiseki cuisine uses these ingredients Only. Kaiseki cuisine is composed of several different dishes and...

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At the Center of Japan

MATSUSAKA is a city located in Mie prefecture which lies at the center of Japan. The name is famous for its beef. ※ The best location from which to base your tourism of Kansai Regions or
Kii Peninsula ( ex. the Kumano-Kodo as UNESCO World Heritage ).

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The Global Brand Matsusaka Beef

MATSUSAKA BEEF is one of the most famous kinds of beef within Japan and the world. It is often said the Global Brand, also the Beef-Artwork.
In Matsusaka city, there are many beef specializing restaurants, dining rooms, bistros and barbecue-shops. YACHIYO's beef cuisine is... very well. Beef Kaiseki cuisine the very best. Try it!

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Matsusaka Castle of Samurai City

MATSUSAKA was founded in 1588 by "Sengoku-Daimyo" Gamo Ujisato ( 1556-1595 ). He build "Samurai" castle in the Yoiho-forest ( Yoiho is meaning Darkness )... Today, regrettably, there is not architectures. But you will be able to see Very very beautiful Ruin. Rock-Wall stretches to the high sky...

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From Airport

From Chubu international airport CENTRAIR
By the hight speed boat "Tsu airport line"
To Tsu harbor 40 min.
To Matsusaka harber 50 min.
Transfer to Bus or Train


From JR & Kintestu Matsusaka station 8 min. on foot
From Osaka 120 min. by train & walk
From Nagoya 100 min. by train & walk

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1295 Tono-machi,
Matsusaka city,
Mie prefecture, JAPAN
TEL 81-598-21-2501
※Japanese conversation only
FAX 81-598-21-2505