Matsusaka beef CUISINE
Matsusaka beef the global brand
Matsusaka beef cuisine

Matsusaka beef is one of the most famous kinds of beef within Japan and the world. It is often said the GLOBAL BRAND, also the BEEF-ARTWORK. In Matsusaka city, there are many beef specialty restaurants, bistros, steak and barbecue shops. SUKUYAKI is the most popular japanese beef cuisine. 2nd is SHABU SHABU, probably 3rd is BEEF STEAK.
Horumon-barbecue is not recommended to foreigners. Because, Horumon is a food made from beef OFFAL. But, it may be inexpensive as a SNACK.

What is Matsusaka beef?

Matsusaka beef is a heifer ( undelivered cow ) which was bred for about 3 years in the specified area of Matsusaka Region. Delivered cow and bullock can not be called it.
They are fed on natural feed such as barley, wheat bran, grass, and good water. When their appetite has fallen offf, they are given BEER to stimulate their eating. Also they receive body-massages with straw-brushes after being sprayed with SHO-CHU ( distilled beverage, liquor ).


SUKIYAKI is a very popular beef cuisine in Japan. Therefore, regional cooking variations exist. It is the Matsusaka style that...

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Beef Steak

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Beef Kaiseki Cuisine

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Open 11:00 am. 〜 Close 22:00 pm.
Last order 20:00 pm.
Everyday OPEN
Credit cards OK, Visa, Mc, Amex...
Steak Lunch 8,000 yen 〜
Others 10,000 yen 〜
10% tax not included. Reservation ONLY

1 night 2 meals

Per person 1 night 2 meals
Dinner as you like, breakfast is Japanese foods
2 guests 1 room ( standard )
1 person 23,000 yen 〜
10% tax not included
Check-in 3:00 pm. 〜
Check-out 10:00 am. or earlier


1295 Tono-machi,
Matsusaka city,
Mie prefecture, JAPAN
TEL 81-598-21-2501
※Japanese conversation only
FAX 81-598-21-2505