YACHIYO, Kappou-Restaurant
Welcome to old-fashoned Kappou-Restaurant!!
YACHIYO's Kaiseki cuisine and its style

The South Mie which contains Matsusaka is well known as a region blessed with the Gift of its mountains, rivers and sea. Vegetables, edible wild plants, fruits, fishes, seafoods, meat, gibier and Matsusaka beef. Delicious foods are rich and infinity.
YACHIYO's Kaiseki cuisine uses these ingredients Only. Every morning, YACHIYO's owner goes to regional wholesale market and arranges for all ingredients. Therefore, its menu changes from day to day. It is only fresh and seasonable ingredients that he chooses. You may trust him with the details of today's menu.

Guest room

110 tatmi flooring banquet hall and 7 guest rooms are in the 2nd floor. Also there are 2 Connected rooms & 2 banquet halls in the 1st floor. All guest rooms are private use only.

Celebratory cuisine

We conform order of special cuisine for celebrations. Please use by marriage reception, engagement anniversary, birthday party and other congratulations

Beef Kaiseki Cuisine

Matsusaka Beef Kaiseki Cuisine is a specialty of Kappou & Ryokan YACHIYO. And it is the most popular cuisine from the 1980s. If thinking that you want to eat Matsusaka beef, we recommend this cuisine.


Japanese Service is formal and elegant style very similar to Russian (. Service a la russe ). Server who put on a Kimono serve each dish to each guest individually.

Open / Close

* Lunch Time : 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM Last order 2:30 PM
* Dinner Time : 4:30 PM - 10:00 PM Last Order 8:00 PM
* Please take a table before 8:00 pm. Please contact us if you will arrive after 7:30 pm.


Please make full payment in Japanese Yen at reception when you check out.
We also accept major credit cards. Visa, Master, Amex, Diners, JCB... Rates include Service Charge and 8% Tax.


1295 Tono-machi,
Matsusaka city,
Mie prefecture, JAPAN
TEL 81-598-21-2501
※Japanese conversation only
FAX 81-598-21-2505