Sightseeing Information
From Matsusaka station 8 min. on foot

YACHIYO is in the main sight of Matsusaka city.
You walk only from Matsusaka station to YACHIYO and can enjoy sightseeing easily.
First, you get off train at Matsusaka station. Let's go through the JR ticket gate.

You begin to walk on the main street. And You turn right at convenience store to the mark. This narrow street where a lot of buddism temples stand in line is called "Shokunin-machi-dori". Shokunin-machi means craftsman -town. Next, you turn left at "Oukuchiya" Eel-cuisine Shop to the mark. After that, you walk straight only only. Yachiyo is in the entrance at Samurai Residence street. If arriving at YACHIYO, you will should take a walk through highlights in the city according to red arrow.